"Christina Dea is one of the most attentive and well-rounded health-care professionals I have ever met.  I came to her office in the midst of a sleeping disorder that seemed to be spiraling in a negative direction.  It had been going on for months and had reached the point of several nights in a row with virtually no sleep.   Pills prescribed by my doctor either did nothing at all to help me or allowed some patchy semblance of sleep which left me hungover for much of the next day.  I knew the insomnia was a multi-dimensional problem that would not be fixed overnight.  A pill would not resolve it and moreover I couldn’t just think my way out of it. I needed someone who could see it from different angles.

At our first appointment, Christina listened for a long time to my description of the situation, making careful notes.   She prescribed an herbal remedy and some dietary adjustments and also suggested some books to read.  It was clear to me that she chose treatments based on extensive knowledge, her observations and our conversation.  Her ideas were intelligent and non-dogmatic.  In follow-up appointments, she adjusted the herbal treatments, and we talked about the readings.  Our conversations on meditation and outlook were also taking effect.

 Within a few weeks I returned to regular sleep patterns and began to regain confidence in the natural balance of my body and mind.  The tight feeling in my ribs that had persisted for years was gone and did not return. Christina helped me at each step through this difficult situation.  As my sleep improved she left it up to me whether and when to continue making appointments. 

 I have a sense of trust for Christina that I don’t often feel in standard health-care situations.  She is the real deal:  someone with a lot of knowledge, open-mindedness, respect and a genuine care for her patients."

DS, Easton, MA


"I moved to the South End recently and needed to find a new acupuncturist as it is a healing modality that I truly believe in. I was lucky, indeed, to find Christina who is located in Back Bay in Copley Square, very convenient to my South End location. Christina is, in my mind, a very intuitive, bright and experienced acupuncturist who is very giving of her time and energy all for the healing good. Her education and training background is very impressive and she offers a wide range of modalities that have been so helpful to me. She is also very experienced in working with and prescribing Chinese herbs, something that I was also looking for. Christina also has suggestions for nutritional changes that can be beneficial for one’s condition(s). She has helped me immensely with my health issues and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate, capable, caring and talented healer and acupuncturist."

LL, Boston, MA


"I have been going to Christina for acupuncture treatment on various sports related injuries and aches/ pains for over 5 years. I always feel relief within the first one or two treatments and love that every treatment includes general stress relief and immune-system boosting. Christina is great at listening to what your problem areas are before every treatment and coming up with a customized treatment specifically for what ails you. She will even tell you about the treatment and why it is designed to help your problem areas in a way that actually makes sense!

One of my most amazing experiences was the treatment I received after shoulder surgery. Christina's acupuncture helped me to get back to a full range of motion and I'm convinced it helped shorten my expected physical therapy sessions from 6 weeks to only 4 weeks. Incredibly, the needling I received around my scars made them smaller and less noticeable practically instantly!"

SS, Malden, MA


“Shoulder Injury
1) Suffering from a shoulder injury I was referred to ms.Christina Dea through my primary care physician. Despite seeing a physical therapist and doing prescribed exercises at home my recovery was extremely slow going and was affecting my performance at work. After a few acupuncture sessions with Christina I began seeing results. Within a very short time span my pain was gone and my range of motion returned to normal. I can't thank her enough. Christina's expert application of the art and science of acupuncture astounded me with fast and long lasting results.

Test Taking
2) I went to see Ms.Dea a day before taking a stressful multi-hour exam. I have a history of test anxiety and was feeling desperate that I wouldn't be able to achieve the desired result. I was at the crossroads of deciding to abandon taking the exam altogether when I went in for an acupuncture treatment. Not only did the treatment help me manage my pre-test anxiety but it also helped me to maintain a cool head while taking it. I am extremely thankful to Ms.Dea and Back Bay acupuncture for helping me achieve success in taking exams and I've gained confidence that overcoming obstacles in test taking is possible!

3) Having suffered migraine headaches for 15 years I went to Christina for an herbal consult looking for a remedy or at least for some relief. She was friendly, professional, and put me at ease as she gathered the relevant history and information pertaining to my illness. That same evening she put in a prescription for a combination of herbs. I received them within 24 hours and began taking them twice daily mixed with a glass of water. Very easy. I have found Christina's combinations of herbs to be the best pre-emptive strike for avoiding and controlling my migraine headaches, much more effective than all the western medications I've used in the past.  It continues to work well for me and I thank Christina and Back Bay Acupuncture for the service.”

TC, Boston, MA


“ I started treatment for acupuncture in 2011 at Pathways to Wellness in the South End of Boston.  Initially, I saw different acupuncturists and upon evaluation, without a doubt Christina Dea is the best. I now see Christina Dea at her private practice, at Back Bay Acupuncture at 581 Boylston St.

To give you some history, I always had a lot of energy, enjoyed working out all the time: I hike, swim, take Bikram yoga classes, bike, do weight classes, etc.  I was a workout junkie and in 2011 I was just not feeling well, energy depleted this is when the injury kicked in and my life was shaken to the max.  My initial prescription was for a yoga injury for hip flexor pain and also arthritis in my lower back.  I was working in the South End of Boston and literally had a 3.5 to 4 hour commute a day by car, train, subway and bus to get to my job.  Christina became my life line.  I felt better but still not myself.

In May of 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Between June and November of 2011 I had surgery and radiation.  I was only working at my job for 9 months when this occurred.  I took two weeks off for surgery and I went back to work.  Yes, I worked through 36 radiation treatments with my long commute and went to radiation after work for treatments then a train home.  Acupuncture became even more important to me as I added stress to my list of ailments.  Christina was treating me for whatever was overwhelming me each week.  She not only does acupuncture but also uses herbs to compliment her treatment.  Christina suggests natural foods, as well as a natural remedy such as seaweed which suggeststo eliminate the radiation in your body once treatment is over. 

I now have a new job where I only take the train with a six minute walk to my office.  I now see Christina at her private practice in Back Bay as acupuncture is part of my life.  

Acupuncture treatment lessens my pain, gives me more energy, and helps me sleep better.  First treatment is a miracle after that is maintenance.  I feel acupuncture opens blockages in my body provides a clear energy flow to major areas that are affected from everyday living on this earth.  For me acupuncture is a must, it is an investment in my health today and in the future.  Today I am cancer free and my oncologists say I am doing great.  I always say acupuncture is the key.  I recommend acupuncture by Christina Dea why, because she is the best, this is her passion and work and she can be your lifeline, as she is mine.

Thank You Christina!”

PM, Tewksbury, MA


"I was given Christina's name by a friend who sees her regularly and sought her out for her help when I injured my ankle running.  It turned out to be a stress fracture and Christina really helped to relieve the pain.  Not being able to run really stressed me out and Christina's treatment not only eased my pain but helped me to relax.   I appreciated that she took the time to explain acupuncture and detail the treatment plan she designed for me before we started.  The fracture is almost healed but I plan to continue seeing Christina for treatments to relieve stress and any aches or pains that may come along."

JK, Cambridge, MA


" I am currently an acupuncture patient of Christina Dea, Licensed Acupuncturist. I have been receiving treatments from her for about two years or so, having been introduced to her through "Pathways to Wellness", formerly in the South End.  During this time Christina has helped me immensely with various ailments including stiff neck, kidney adjustments, as well as obtaining better range of motion in my arms after a back surgery in 2013.  She is definitely the person to see for the various ailments that many of us suffer from time to time. She is truly a caregiver, with the mild temperament and demeanor of a genuine caregiver. "

VB, Cambridge, MA

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