How will herbal medicine benefit you?

Unlike pharmaceuticals, herbal formulas have few if any side effects because a customized blend is made specific to your needs.   As your health improves, your formula will change. This makes sense. Why would you continue to take the same thing over and over while your body is in the process of healing?  Your body is not in a fixed state.  The state that creates disease cannot be the same state the allows for healing to occur.  The goal is to take the herbs to get your body on track then you won’t need them any longer.  

Classical herbal formulas have been used effectively and consistently for thousands of years. Before prescribing herbs, I perform a thorough review of your health history, current medications, and allergies. Some of the major concerns regarding herbal safety are in the growing practices and chemical contamination. I source from companies that take part in independent third party testing. The herbs are tested to be free of sulfur, chlorine, and aluminum phosphate. When possible, I purchase organic. If that is not possible, the herbs have been tested for and cleared of detectable pesticide residues. Currently I purchase raw herbs from Spring Wind and granule concentrates from Crane Herb.