An Overview of Classical Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Herbs and Tai Chi

This unique medical system was devised through careful analysis of the interaction between the mind, body, and environment. It is based on the concept of qi.  Qi is the smallest unit within any given substance as well as the potential for change within that substance. It is influenced by the properties of yin and yang which are counter balancing forces.  The concept of yin and yang is used to analyze the nature of a medical condition and factors that will support or hinder the healing process. Chinese medicine is based on the theory that qi flows within channels throughout the body. These channels are a part of the physiological process and may also be thought of as groupings of connective tissues, blood vessels, nerves, and interstitial fluids.  They connect our organs, digestive, immune, nervous, and reproductive systems. They also connect our body to the external environment. Physical, emotional or environmental stresses create disturbances in the natural movement of qi which leads to illness.

Conditions Treated:

Digestive irregularities
Low back pain
Muscle and joint pain
Menstrual disorders
Depression and anxiety
Immune system deficiency
Chronic fatigue