Calvin Chin’s
Martial Arts Academy

66 Winchester Street
Newton Highlands, MA  02461

How will learning these slow graceful movements benefit you?

Tai Chi is an internal martial art that is also considered an active form of meditation.  Its slow, continuous movements are used to strengthen and relax the mind and body.  It improves balance, coordination, and flexibility.  This unique exercise teaches you how to use your body intelligently and efficiently to conserve energy and strength, which is quite important as we age.  Work smarter not harder! The slower you move, the more you will benefit because you are bringing a mental awareness to your physical movements.  This a nice counter balance to our rushed modern life style where anything that is faster is “better”.

Tai Chi’s popularity is growing.  You may find classes at your local gym, community center,  or martial arts school.  I highly recommend Sifu Calvin Chin at Calvin Chin’s Martial Arts  Academy. He has an immense amount of wisdom and information to share, and has a unique ability to connect the dots between how your movements effect your health.